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What is EJARI ?

Ejari is Dubai’s initiative to generate one of the best regulated rental markets in the world. Ejari in Arabic plainly means ‘My Rent’. It was implemented under the provisions of Law No.26 of 2007, to regulate the transaction between landlord and tenant. Under this law all landlords must compulsorily register their tenancy agreements using Ejari.As of 14th March 2010, every rental/lease contract for a property in Dubai requires to be registered through Ejari’s online portal. It assures fair and transparent dealing for both parties involved in an event of disagreement.

Services include registering of initial lease agreement, renewals, cancellations, transfers and terminations. It is user friendly and only basic details are entered, which include details such as information of the property, name of the Rental Company and terms of the agreement. Once these details are fed into the system, it generates a unique barcode which is singular throughout the contractual time period. RERA maintains its own record which is updated as changes occur. DLD (Dubai Land Department) follows a strict confidentiality policy and doesn’t publish any information about its clientele. Any details pertaining to the land can be obtained from the DLD once the condition of land relations is attained.

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