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Azizi Mirage 1

Azizi Mirage 1 takes modern contemporary architecture to new heights with its futuristic design. The façade is a melding of two towers into one singular L-shaped structure, enveloped in a cutting edge frame design. The simple, elegant, and utilitarian approach to its construction will make you excited to call this your home.

Enjoy ground and basement level controlled parking and other perks and facilities when you move into your new home at Azizi Mirage 1.

Welcome to your new home in Studio City, Dubai’s very own production hub with studios, sound stages, backlots, and sets, all sprawled over 22 million sqft. Azizi Mirage 1 is designed to fit right into this bustling hub with its futuristic deconstructed, flat crystalline façade and angular terraces and balconies.

The total built-up area of Azizi Mirage 1 is over 300,000sqft, sporting a basement, ground-level podium, and eight floors of apartments – 186 in total. There are 113 one-bedroom, 69 two-bedroom, and four three-bedroom apartments to choose from. The apartments are built for spaciousness and comfort, with even one-bedroom apartments offering plenty of room – at just under 850sqft, it is larger than normal. Three-bedroom apartments offer over 2,000sqft of space! Azizi Mirage 1 also boasts a swimming pool and fitness center. The terraces incorporate greenery, with guaranteed privacy and views of greenery around.

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