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Dubai Real Estate as an Investment

Posted by Home Lounge Real Estate on June 16, 2016

  1. Property prices are inexpensive in comparison to other similar trading hubs around the world. There is a potential for further growth, as prices have grown by 10% in demanded projects from 2011
  2. Property is a good hedge against inflation. At such times the higher cost of debt servicing can usually be pasted on in additional rent, while the value of the property inflates and its debt is unchanged
  3. Rental income from property is a stable source of income, and while it might fluctuate, is highly unlikely to vanish altogether. Compare that to interest on deposit accounts or dividends on shares. Good investment properties in Dubai offer 8-10% rent return (after deduction of maintenance feed)
  4. Real estate always has a residual value, although prices can certainly fall as well as rise. But property values will never fall to zero unlike shares and hedge funds
  5. Property is a kind of hybrid asset with the capital appreciation of a stock but the income producing capacity of a bond
  6. Investors typically have more control over the nature, timing and size of real estate investments. This is partly because they are tangible and easier to understand, and diversification is readily available in the form of different types of property
  7. Dubai property is open to any investor from anywhere in the world, unlike the local stock market. This means greater liquidity and more funds in the marketplace
  8. Demand for property typically picks up during an economic boom or easier mortgage acquisition through Banks. Dubai banks have started lending again, and the number of finance purchases has increased significantly since 2009
  9. Real estate is always an excellent collateral security against loans, and allows debt finance to be secured at the best rates
  10. Property portfolios offer great scope for diversification of risk into different property types, locations and rental levels. This helps to spread the risk of an interruption to income flow

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